Remote CCTV Alarm Monitoring

With our own secure 24-hour manned CCTV monitoring station we can connect to your CCTV system and provide out of hours live interactive monitoring of your site. When intruders are detected or suspicious activity is being observed our operators can communicate directly with the local police control room in seconds. With on-site loud speakers our operators can identify and deter individuals before a crime is even committed.

Event Driven CCTV Systems

We can design a solution to suit for every requirement. Using peripheral devices or movement detection software, we can design and supply systems that only record images when movement is taking place, bringing increased efficiency and vastly reduced capacity requirements for recording, storage a retrieval.


The Residential sector includes individual homes, housing developments and condominiums. Residential security protects your most valuable assets, your family and loved ones. Statistics show that homes without alarm systems are three times as likely to be broken into as those that have a security system. They also help protect life and property hazards such as smoke, carbon monoxide, and flooding to name a few.


In the Commercial/Industrial sector, companies’ needs go beyond the basic physical security system. Due to the variety and complexity of most commercial/industrial companies, the security system can go from simple to very complex.

Most of these companies combine Access Control, Video surveillance, and Intrusion systems to have a complete solution for protecting their people and their assets. Fire protection is also a required part of the security and safety system found in Commercial/Industrial companies. There is a greater need for an evacuation plan in case of accidents, fire, spills, etc.

Commercial/Industrial includes but is not limited to: Manufacturing, construction, commercial buildings, chemical plants and public utilities to name a few.


As healthcare facilities grow larger and provide around-the-clock care, they become more vulnerable to a wide array of security risks and vulnerabilities. While industry guidelines mandate a growing reliance on hospital security under its “Environment of Care” standards, it is the responsibility of each individual hospital and healthcare organization to decide on the right tools to meet their needs.

3eyes3 offers the industry’s most complete selection of video security solutions to provide your healthcare facility with the peace of mind that comes with complete protection. With our suite of video management and network-based systems, providing video imaging/surveillance from a centralized, or even remote, location is more efficient than ever.

From monitoring patient, employee, and visitor traffic, to keeping an eye on secured areas, improving hospital security, patient safety, insulating your organization from potential liability claims, improving operating efficiencies, reducing costs that healthcare administrators face and complying with state and national regulatory guidelines.


The first responsibility of any nation’s government is to protect the safety and welfare of its citizens and the nation’s property. When preparing for or responding to any emergency – be it terrorist attack or natural disaster – having the right equipment and resources in place make all the difference. 3eyes3 is ready to support federal, state and local government agencies with leading edge technology to help meet this responsibility.


Common issues associated with educational facilities, which are often multi-site, include vandalism and disruptive behaviour, incursion from unwanted visitors and managing access levels. Not only are the typical security measures of surveillance and access control necessary for the protection of the student population, but also broad area real-time notification to student and faculty of an immediate danger is required.

3eyes3  Security Access Control and Video products provide complete integrated solutions for synchronizing Alarm Monitoring and Video surveillance. Using mobile alarm monitoring stations, officers can respond while viewing real-time video of an emergency situation.    

City Security

Network video is one of the most useful tools for fighting crime and protecting citizens, acting both to detect and deter. It creates a secure environment and can help first responders to pinpoint where their assistance is most needed.

  • Efficiently protect citizens and property
  • Enhance the city image
  • Reduce vandalism costs
  • Reduce investigation times

Bank & Finance

From a small-town bank to a large multi-national with thousands of branches, 3eyes3 proudly offers the industry’s most trusted and complete selection of video security products and services. These open systems also seamlessly integrate with third-party technologies – access control and alarm systems, for example – to provide an unbreakable net of protection over any facility. And with the increasing development of intelligent camera systems and embedded analytics, security professionals have access to more information than ever before to detect and isolate abnormal or suspicious activity.


The security challenges facing the Ports, Maritime and Transportation sectors are some of the most diverse in any sector as they relate to the types of threats that are present and the scale of the sector. The movement of passengers and cargo by road and rail has been one of the most frequently targeted sectors for both terrorists and organized crime. Safety of passengers and the protection of freight are paramount and the ability to create co-ordinate responses to incidents is becoming increasingly critical.

3eyes3 helps the Ports and Maritime sector to meet their security requirements by providing access control, CCTV and intruder products. From single door access control to enterprise wide integrated security systems 3eyes3 solutions empowers the transportation industry to meet its requirements to ensure a safe and secure environment.